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Deploy Your storage completely on Your own with Pure Storage - Zero Touch ProvisionER is GA

Updated: May 17, 2021

[ NOTE: machine translation with the help of DeepL translator without additional proofreading and spell checking ]

I reported on Pure Storage Zero Touch Provisioning back in late March in my post "FlashArray: storage configuration from off-site - Pure Storage solves Coronavirus install issues." Zero Touch Provisioning allows racked-stacked (management) FlashArray/FlashBlade systems to be commissioned completely remotely aka "remote install". Previously, setup was only possible by authorized system engineers with a serial connection on-site in the data center.

Zero Touch Provisioning requires a mounted/racked Pure Storage system and a wired/cabled management interface per controller (ct0.eth0 & ct1.eth0) and a temporary DHCP server/address* on the management ports. An operating system on FlashArray 5.2.4 / FlashBlade 3.0 or later is required.

* NO DHCP server available on the management/backbone network?: no problem, with a DHCP server on a client (laptop) you can temporarily set up an isolated-dedicated environment for the setup in a few minutes.

Until a few days ago, it was possible for certified partner SEs to easily perform storage rollouts using ZTP and a previously customized JSON script via the REST API.

In an internal hackathon at PURE/CODE() (Pure Storages Developer Community/Platform), a complete setup/provisioning tool with GUI for macOS, Linux and Windows has now been developed - the Zero Touch Provisioner. An alternative to commission new storage systems directly from partner SEs or end customers without serial-connection or scripting.

How simple the provisioner really is? Read for yourself:

Pure Storage FlashArray and FlashBlade Zero Touch Provisioner. This lightweight application allows engineers (or customers) to remotely initialize a new FA or FB using this cross-platform utility. - Brandon Showers, System Engineer Pure Storage



The remote deployment feature of FlashArray is available with Purity 5.2.4 and later.

When unpacking the array, note the FlashArray serial number and the MAC addresses of the management ports in the document included with the array.

Ensure that the DHCP services available on the network are connected to the FlashArray's ct0.eth0 and ct1.eth0 management ports. Once the Flash array boots for the first time, the management ports receive DHCP IPs. During setup from the tool, use the DHCP IP address of ct1.eth0.

Optional: DHCP reservation of the documented MAC addresses for the management ports can also be done.


Only multi/single chassis FlashBlade systems equipped with EFM-310 are supported. EFM-110 models do not have the required out-of-band ports (1G management ports).

The remote provisioning feature of FlashBlade is available in Purity 3.0 and later.

The DHCP server or temporary relay is accessible via untagged broadcast over the out-of-band port/management port.

In preparation for ZTP, fbsetup must be run in --ztp mode to perform the initial configuration (Pure Storage or Partner) and enable ZTP setup mode. This step must be performed after upgrading the Flashblade to a ZTP-enabled release (Purity 3.0 or later), otherwise setup via ZTP is not possible.


Operating system: Windows 10, Linux with GUI or MAC OS. //FA: Network connectivity via port 8081 with the DHCP IP used by the FlashArray.

//FB: Network connectivity via port 80 and 443 with the DHCP IP used by the FlashBlade.



Tab - "ZTP FlashArray":

At the beginning the DHCP IP address ct1.eth0 must be entered in the last column and the system must be queried - "Query". After that you can start with the configuration.

The "Provisioner" is actually self-explanatory. In the first column the general configuration parameters (hostname, NTP, timezone, ...) are entered and in the second column the IP settings of the management interfaces.

With the confirmation of "Initialize" the initialization of the system starts. The current status can be followed in the Results. After restarting the controllers, the FlashArray is then accessible via the configured management addresses.

After deployment is complete, have the system briefly checked by a specialist (Pure Storage Support or accredited partner).

A firmware upgrade from Purity 5.3 is no longer possible during initial commissioning. Therefore, no Purity upgrade is performed in the setup.


Tab - "ZTP FlashBlade":

The setup for FlashBlade is actually the same. A third column appears with the click on the respective configuration step.

It is important to note that a successful session to the FlashBlade has been established and an authorization token has been returned. If this is not the case, then no session was created.

After restarting the controllers, the FlashBlade is then accessible via the configured management addresses.

After deployment is complete, have the system briefly checked by a specialist (Pure Storage Support or accredited partner).

For more information on the Zero Touch Provisioner, you should read the readmes on GitHub or in the download package. There is also an explainer video by Brandon on YouTube:

Awesome work Brandon!

Despite the many simplifications with Pure Storage, always briefly consult with the responsible account team or the respective partner when doing these activities!

Have fun with provisioning!

More info - Links

All officially published setting options in the GUI but also CLI can be read via the "on-board" user guides of the Pure Storage systems.

Click on "Help" in the Purity main menu.

The User Guide is structured like the main menu and can be opened downwards. A search function is also integrated - within here you can also search for keywords.

WEB: Pure Storage (Pure1) support portal - Ticket system and support *(requires registered FlashSystems)

PHONE: Pure Storage phone support: GER - (+49) (0)800 7239467; INTERNATIONAL - (+1) 650 7294088

WEB: Pure Storage community

WEB: Pure Storage OFFICIAL blog

The blog lives from your questions, wishes and suggestions...every comment is welcome. I am very grateful for feedback.

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