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FlashArray: Purity 5.3.6 - What's new? ActiveCluster for FlashArray //C, RSA 2FA authentication ...

[ NOTE: machine translation with the help of DeepL translator without additional proofreading and spell checking ]

In the course of the continuous development and introduction of new features of the Pure Storage systems, the new software version 5.3.6 was made available for the FlashArray operating system "Purity" last Saturday, April 4th.

I want to keep this blog short and sweet, but as long as necessary to cover the essential new features. More information on the latest software update can be found in the Pure Storage "Purity//FA 5.3.x Release Notes" in the documentation (

Purity 5.3.6 is not in any beta phase, but is fully GA and fully supported for production systems! Compatible here are all FlashArray //C, //X, //M and FA-4xx systems.

New features

ActiveCluster for FlashArray //C

The proven ActiveCluster for FlashArray //X is now also available for the C-series (FA //C). Now it is also possible to use the transparent failover for the "capacity-oriented" FlashArrays.

Volume copy operations between different PODs

You can now copy volumes of a stretched POD to another POD. Snapshots are used as the basis.


purevol copy sourcepod::sourcevol targetpod::targetvol

Create a new volume "volY":

purevol copy podX::volX podY::volY

Copying a snapshot "volX.snap1" as a base for "volY":

purevol copy podX::volX.snap1 podY::volY (OPTIONAL: --overwrite)

RSA SecurID Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Users can now log in to the FlashArray GUI and CLI using RSA SecurID tokens. This further enhances security to prevent unauthorized administrative access. Two-factor authentication in large enterprises is now a common standard to meet their corporate compliance requirements.

Configuration via CLI:


In addition, security updates and fixes are applied with Purity 5.3.6.

More info - Links

All officially published setting options in the GUI but also CLI can be read via the "on-board" user guides of the Pure Storage systems.

Click on "Help" in the Purity main menu.

The User Guide is structured like the main menu and can be opened downwards. A search function is also integrated - within here you can also search for keywords.

WEB: Pure Storage (Pure1) support portal - Ticket system and support *(requires registered FlashSystems)

PHONE: Pure Storage phone support: GER - (+49) (0)800 7239467; INTERNATIONAL - (+1) 650 7294088

WEB: Pure Storage community

WEB: Pure Storage OFFICIAL blog

The blog lives from your questions, wishes and suggestions...every comment is welcome. I am very grateful for feedback.

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