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Pure Storage for Success: ten reasons Pure helps you succeed

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Unlike other market admirers, Pure Storage has no obsolete architectures - started green field. Designed and developed based on NVMe, and that's not all: here are 10 reasons why customers should switch or have already switched to Pure:

#1: Simplicity

You can have your Pure All-Flash array up and running in hours instead of days/weeks. No worries about: RAIDs, Encryption, hundred ips, ... . No tuning or workload-specific setup is required. The ease of deployment and administration of the Pures solutions has been repeatedly tested, validated and benchmarked against other all-flash array solutions by Pure Storage customers. The systems are so simple that training is completed in a matter of hours - and there have been eager customers who have taken over directly without. "Give me the mouse ツ".

#2: No more data migrations

Pure was designed for Evergreen, which means that migrating to Pure will be the last data migration you need to perform.

You "work around your data" in the future. Pure ensures non-disruptive upgrades for every part of the array with no downtime or performance degradation, no new storage purchases, and no further data migrations (i.e., upgrades using existing system data). We know that data migrations within/outside of business hours or even weekends are risky and costly. This means you also get back your earned nights and weekends.

#3: Relax and enjoy

SaaS-like subscription - anchored by Pure's proven Evergreen solution - means no hidden costs and nasty surprises at maintenance renewals. Get modular, software-defined architecture, right-size and love-your-storage guarantees, plus proactive support. Pure proactively generates more than half of support tickets for your customers.

#4: Efficient storage utilization

Take a look at your existing physical storage footprint in your data center. With Pure, fit at least twice as much data into the same space and accommodate up to 15 times more data than legacy/rotating disk systems.

Consolidate large data stores with up to 5.2 PB of effective storage (1.39 PB raw storage ) in a tiny three, six or nine height unit. Save massively on operating costs (power, rack space, ... ). The FlashArray//X has an average overall efficiency of more than 10:1 measured over the entire FlashArrays in use.

#5: Designed for NVMe

Forget all the compromises of legacy memory. The entire Pure product line is NVMe-based. Get the latest technology available.

Deliver capacity-optimized apps with the performance of all-flash NVMe. Deliver a consistent, reliable user experience across all workloads.

Instead of using commercial NVMe SSDs that require garbage collection (GC) and a flash translation layer (FTL) on each SSD, Pure's DirectFlash Modules (DFM) enable NVMe flash to be addressed directly. The result is that fewer CPU cycles are consumed per IO, which is significantly noticeable when SSDs are running at high IOPS. Finally, multiple queues combine the parallelism of NVMe Flash with modern CPUs, making Pure's NVMe-enabled solutions not only fast, but also extremely efficient for any application.

#6: No more storage re-buys

Pure's Evergreen program is unique in its offering.

Included and on-demand controller upgrades with credit for hardware trade-ins. They even get credit when they replace old flash with new (e.g., higher capacity density storage).

FlashArray works much like SaaS and cloud. Once you implement storage, you can continually upgrade and improve performance, capacity, density and/or functionality for at least 10 years with no downtime, performance degradation or data migration. With a modular, stateless architecture, Pure has built compatibility for future technologies right into the product.

#7: No nasty surprises

All-software included. All existing and future features are included. You do not order individual features initially and will not in the future. You always pay the same maintenance price and can reliably plan your budget. With Pure, what you pay in the first year is what you pay in year 10. Guaranteed!

#8: 65% better TCO

Add up all the savings: no forced new/repurchases, no migrations, higher storage density, and lower management and space costs to boot. These facts and figures speak for themselves. The advantage is obvious.

#9: 99.9999% availability - unconditionally!

Upgrades do not require planned downtime. That's why a large number of Pure customers perform regular maintenance and upgrades during their day-to-day operations, with the confidence that there will be no impact on performance, availability or risk to your data.

#10: Unlimited flexibility

Get Pure's portfolio as a product or service.

On-prem, hosted and in the public cloud. Pure is the only provider to offer all its core solutions either as products (CAPEX) or as services (OPEX) through the Pure-as-a-Service portfolio.

The whole: unconditional, guaranteed and future-proof. Let your worries around storage be a thing of the past.

And now? - "taste the feeling of Pure!":

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