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[VLOG #3] How To FlashArray: vSphere Plugin with Pure1

[ NOTE: machine translation with the help of DeepL translator without additional proofreading and spell checking ]

YouTube video description

With the VMware vSphere Plugin from Pure Storage you have the possibility to interact with your FlashArrays from the vSphere Client. Separate administration of storage system and the hypervisor datastores are no longer necessary with the plugin. Among other things, you can provision/expand volumes, create snapshots, assign protection groups and much more.

In the article, I show you how you can further "refine" the functionality of the Pure Storage vSphere plugin with the integration of Pure1 and how quickly the setup is done without further ado.

In the video used commands:

Get-InstalledModule -Name Pure*

(Install-Module PureStorage.Pure1, if the Pure1-PowerShell module does not already exist)

$cert = New-PureOneCertificate

$cert | Get-PureOnePublicKey

$cert | New-PureOneJwt -PureAppID


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