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[VLOG] Introduction: the blog now on YouTube

Updated: May 9, 2021

[ NOTE: machine translation with the help of DeepL translator without additional proofreading and spell checking ]

I had been playing with the idea of not only creating static content in the form of text and graphics, but also producing dynamic material through videos.

I finally used the Christmas/New Year's rest to tackle this project...a New Year's resolution, so to speak.

I'm of the opinion that each of us has our own preferences when it comes to taking in information. One or two are classic and like to read, plow through graphics or critically analyze content. Others prefer moving content - to cut to the chase: Videos. Whereby videos have another advantage: you can be "passively" sprinkled and acquire information by listening. In the new modern language also known as "VLOG" = video blog.

In order to be able to address a still larger target group in the future with, this step was actually inevitable in the long term.

Who knows me, knows I am a perfectionist, there is only one completely or not at all. It was important to me, if I produce videos in the future, then only in professional style. I did not want to generate amateur footage through poor recording equipment or rushed editing. This can only be achieved with time and heart - the devil is in the details.

Some of the video footage and informational content is shot in professional shooting studios with professional equipment. But there will also be content with simple "on-board tools" like the screen recorder for Mac.

At the same time, however, this is essential in my eyes to build a lively and popular YouTube channel.

In the course of preparing my YouTube intro, I realized how time-consuming and nerve-wracking video production can be if you pay attention to every detail and try out a lot.

At the beginning, I had to get to grips with the tools for video production - this was completely new territory for me. Here I had set myself primary goals: it should be easy to use, but at the same time offer the possibility to generate professional content. True to the motto: means to an end - film production should not determine my everyday life.

In addition, the tools should be affordable.

I realized that I had to enter the race with at least two programs and I ended up with: Adobe After Effects and filmoraPro.

In this process, I also acquired the appropriate music aka. tracks and the respective rights for use in my contributions.

What awaits you?

Similar to the content of my classic blog posts, tech talks and field reports with manufacturers, specialists, developers and Pure Storage customers will also be generated. One or the other demo/show to will also be included.

Different as you already know from, I want to actively integrate further know-how of the respective manufacturers especially with partner alliances of Pure Storage. I already have concrete ideas and could win one or the other for this. I am already very much looking forward to this. Existing Pure Storage customers could also report on their systems and experiences here in the near future.

The first feedbacks were very positive. You can find the official intro on YouTube:

You will soon be able to reach the YouTube Channel via:

The first content/videos will come this month/January 2020.

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